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Sift Heads : Street Wars - Prologue Post-Mortem

Feb 24 2012 09:12 PM | Frank in Games

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Click on the banner above to play the game ! This post-mortem will be refined this week, including development pictures and exclusive information about the upcoming MMO.


Sift Heads Street Wars is an ongoing project developped by FailSafe Games in association with Pyrozen Studio (creators of the Sift Heads series).

The project is split in two parts : A series of single player standalone games and a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game. These two parts are developped simultaniously.

Sift Heads Street Wars - Prologue is the first of those single Player games to be released and serves as a demonstration of the upcoming MMO.

The Assets
We opted to continue using 3D for the assets since the Isometric projection requires a lot of different angles. To ease the production process, we created an custom script for our 3D software which automatically renders all the assets, in all the needed angles and with all the necessary frames.The way we process assets also changed dramatically during production, so we had to re-render all the assets multiple times.

Gameplay, Story & CutScenes
Pyrozen was in charge of developing the story arc along with cutscenes. Early in the production process, they provided us a script and dialog which we used as template to modify our engine.

We started by creating the Events System which can be used to...

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Employee Behavioral Research

Feb 05 2012 12:16 AM | FailSafe R&D in Games

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FailSafe Employee Report :

Following directive KDK12, we are routinely being subjected to various behavioral research studies. This report contains the data we've collected concerning EBR-237.

Description :
During 10 hours per day, the subjects are exposed to a custom-made white noise designed specifically to enhance productivity.

Observed Effect :
Workflow increased 4.2% although our statisticians haven't been very coherent since EBR-142.

Reported Effect :
Subjects wouldn't admit there was a white noise. They repeatedly asked for "[...] more time" as if they honestly believed it was a physical object.

Side Effects :

  • Feelings of dread when the white noise is missing
  • Abnormal dreams (Might be connected to EBR-022)
  • Frequent thoughts about telegraphs

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Notessimo 3 In Progress

Dec 22 2011 11:54 PM | Frank in Games

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Don't panic, fellow audiophiles, we are working as much as we can on the next Notessimo, we'll keep you updated !

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Pyrozen & FailSafe Games Partnership

Sep 10 2011 03:29 AM | Frank in Games

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FailSafe Games signed a partnership with Pyrozen Production and GamesFree.ca to release a Massive Multiplayer Online version of their Sift Heads series.

The game will be titled Sift Heads : Street Wars and will be updated monthly with new content and missions.

A single player version, showcasing the upcoming features of the MMO will be released on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this project.

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‘The Terminal’ now available!

Jul 23 2010 10:33 PM | Starburst in Games

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You can now play ‘The Terminal’ on BubbleBox!

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